Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls in Milford Sound

In an amazing and rich natural area known as Milford Sound, is located, Stirling Falls. Stirling Falls and Bowen Falls are some of the biggest attractions of the largest park in New Zealand - Fiordland. With indescribable wealth of mountains, fjords, lush meadows, waterfalls and the conservation area, Fiordland is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

Stirling Falls is one of the greatest natural attractions in the southwest of the west coast of Soutland, also known as the South Island. Stirling waterfall descends its water from a height of 155 meters. The strong water flow falls in the valley lying between the mountains known as the Elephant Mountain, and the, Lion Mountain.

The phenomenon Stirling was formed near the deepest part of Milford Sound. For the convenience of the visitors of Stirling there are organized trips with tourist boats, which lead to a hotel near the base of the waterfall.

In general, the area of Milford Sound is a well developed tourist area which has regular cruise trips that are organized to allow visitors to touch the wild and natural beauty of the natural National Park of Fiordland.

The tour cruise itinerary starts down the south side of the fjords and then reaches to the Tasman Sea. On return the tourists are transported through the north, making several stops to allow the tourists to see the unique nature spots and to take photos.

The Waterfall Stirling might be considered best visited by boat. Its relatively small stream of water usually is accompanied by a further two smaller waterfalls. Stirling is abounding in water all year round with all the other waterfalls within the Fiordland because they are powered by glaciers. The most wonderful view of Stirling is in the spring months when the snows melts which enhances the water power.



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