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Palazzo Reale in Turin

Palazzo Reale in Turin

Royal Palace in Turin or Palazzo Reale is one of the most impressive, beautiful and interesting buildings that can be seen in the capital of the Italian region of Piedmont. The Royal Palace is located east of the Turin Cathedral, the spacious Piazza Castello, or Palace Square.

In the Palazzo Reale lived the Savoy dynasty in the period 1646-1865 year, but today this landmark of Turin is attractive to visitors mainly because of the park and ornate chambers of kings. In one wing, the palace houses the Royal arms, which is one of the largest weapons collections in the world.

Palazzo Reale in Turin

When Emmanuel-Filiber, Duke of Savoy, moved the capital to Turin in 1562, he began a series of huge construction projects of lavish and magnificent buildings, which was continued by his successors. The objective was to demonstrate their royalty, power and greatness. As a result, appears the Royal Palace in Turin, an unbelievable complex of buildings designed and decorated by leading architects and artists of that time.

Palazzo Reale, in its current form appears in response to the desire of the Savoy dynasty have adequate residence of their situation. The architecture of the palace was modernized in the 17th century by Christine Marie of France.

The list of artists and architects who have got over the years, the Royal Palace in Turin to what is seen today is long and includes some of the finest sculpture artists of his time as Francesco Claudio Beaumont, Daniele Seyter , Carlo Dauphin, Carlo Andrea van Loo, Giovanni Miel, Gregorio Gulielmi.

Throughout the palace you can see tapestries with mythological motifs that are of highest quality and manufactured locally in the Piedmont Manufacture of Beauvais di Gobelins.

The furniture is outstanding and recognized, is the work of woodcarvers Pietro Piffetti and Luigi Prinotto. Completion of the neoclassical Royal Palace in Turin, which is often described as too pomp and bombastic, is the work of Palagio Palagi.

Wide staircase of the Palazzo Reale was designed in 1864 by Augusto Ferri and leads to the apartments on the first floor. One of the most magnificent halls of the palace is Sala del Tono.

In 1848 Carlo Alberto leaves this room and goes to the nearby Hall of Arms, in which he announced the start of the first war of independence. Interesting are also the Hall of the House, the People Hall, designed by Francesco Juvarra and depicted with a beautiful French Claudio Beaumont.

In the Royal Palace in Turin can be seen even the ballroom dance hall, which is especially beautiful with its marble columns, considered perhaps the best work of the master Palagi.

Royal Palace in Turin has managed to preserve its architecture in detail and authentic interior decoration and furniture, as a result of which it is a brilliant museum of the history of Piedmont between 17 and 19 century.

Gardens of the Palazzo Reale is one of the favorite places for visitors. Very picturesque, they are designed in its original form by the French architect Le Notre in 1697. And gardens and palace are open to the public while the chapel is managed separately, although still part of the Palazzo Reale.



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