The first impression you get when you glimpse Gubio is the unique contrast of grey buildings and the surrounding greenery. This historic medieval town has a picturesque location and is built on a hill in order to protect the inhabitants of the riches of the city. Data on occupation of this area dates back to the Bronze Age. In the 2nd century BC it was already part of the Roman Empire.

Gubio is located in central Italy, in the north eastern part of the Italian province of Perugia, in the Umbria area. It occupies a small hill, which is part of the Apennines. To arrive in the city, you can take the train or bus that will take you to the fossa di Vico.

In Gubio, Romans built the second largest theatre, which is located beyond the city walls. Today, the historic city has unique monuments have been preserved for ages. Particularly impressive is the cathedral, which dates from the 12th century. It is an evangelical church which is remarkable for its colourful stained glass windows.

The impressive building of the Palazzo Ducale in Gubio is a masterpiece of the late Middle Ages and was built in 1470. This building was built to demonstrate the position of the Imperial ruler of Gubio - Federico di Montefeltro ll. This ruler also has a palace in Urbino and the inner courtyards of both buildings are made in a uniform pattern.

More from architectural and historical masterpieces of Gubio are the Roman mausoleum church of "San Francesco", which dates from the 13th century, the Basilica of "San Ubaldi" with its unique and beautiful frescoes. Be sure to check the castle tower and Gabrieli, and church "Santa Maria Nova". The town is distinguished by its many slopes and narrow streets that lead to the central square that bears a striking resemblance to the central square located about 100 km away, in San Marino.

Every year since 1991 on a hill near the Injinoo, in Gubio stands the largest christmas tree in the world. The artificial tree is high 800 meters and 400 wide. It is a chain of 500 powerful neon lamps arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree on the fir forest of the 900-meter mountain Injinoo.

In May, in Gubio takes place Korsai dei Cherry, during which there can be seen a unique race. Three teams, dressed in baggy pants with various tunics compete in carrying the statue of a saint from the Palazzo Dei Consoli to the Basilica of “Sant 'ubaldi”.



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