Shiretoko National Park

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White Fox in Shiretoko National Park

The Shiretoko National Park is situated on the homonymous peninsula in the far northeast of the island of Hokkaido in Japan. This is one of the most inaccessible areas throughout the country. There are no large settlements, and in some parts there are not even built roads.

The best time to visit the park, which since 2005 has been officially part of the natural heritage of UNESCO, is in the short summer season from June to September. Although a protected area is open for visits throughout the year, winter conditions in the transition region are extremely severe.

In order to reach the Shiretoko National Park, one has to undergo three steps – first, it is necessary to land at the airport in Kushiro with a flight from Tokyo, from there you will have to catch a train to the village Shari, and finally, a bus to the park.

In the territory of Shiretoko National Park, are five lakes, which are easily accessible to tourists, which are located near the main port in the area - Uturo, located 10 kilometers from the Shiretoko area, Go-co. The lakes are situated at a distance of about 2.5 km, and are connected by beautiful walkways and wooden bridges. Many of the visitors here take more time than necessary to explore the lakes, because of the incredible beauty of this place.

Overall, the landscape in the Shiretoko Park is rather terrifying, and not particularly welcoming. In the middle of the island there are latent volcanoes, which have thrown huge black rocks along the coast. Volcano Iozan (Iwozan) spews out hot-water, which feed the river Kamuiwakka, which in turn forms beautiful waterfalls. The region is scattered with hot water lakes. Particularly attractive, but difficult is the tourist route up the river, where one can examine all the waters pools.

The highest peak on the peninsula is Rausu-dake to which there are also mountain routes. Throughout the park you may encounter wildlife. There are white foxes, deer and the particularly dangerous brown bear.

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