Fifth Avenue

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Fifth Avenue, New York City

The biggest shopping street in New York is Fifth Avenue. You can not go to New York and not visit this amazing place to shop, filled with many interesting sights.

You will see the public library of New York, where books are collected from different eras issued in various languages - here is a true paradise for lovers of reading, and a wealth of information on all sorts of topics that can be read on different platforms.

Fifth Avenue has one of the most famous buildings in the world - the Empire State Building, known as the tallest building in the world and perpetuated in many Hollywood productions. Here is also the famous Rockefeller Center, and many other interesting buildings.

On Fifth Avenue are collected a huge amount of shops and boutiques of famous designers, where you can buy clothes at incredibly expensive prices. Recent collections of all known names from the world's catwalks can be found here, so Fifth Avenue is a favourite shopping place for the rich and the stars from around the world.

With regard to shopping, Fifth Avenue is the most expensive street in the world. Each well known entrepreneur who wants to have a good position in the industrial world has prestigious shops on the famous street.

The street starts north of Washington Square and continues to 143rd Street. Fifth Avenue is where the focus is on fashion, to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

There is no woman in the world that does not dream of shopping on Fifth Avenue, where you can find the most luxurious and high quality clothing, shoes and accessories.

Here are the shops of the famous jewellery company where Hollywood actresses take their jewellery from, to attract attention at film festivals.

Children love Fifth Avenue, because there are gathered together the best toy stores worldwide. On Fifth Avenue can be found the finest fabrics, rare orchids, perfumes and luxury spa centres that offer high quality, luxury beauty treatments.

Near Central Park on the street there are many residential buildings, churches and all sorts of amazing historical buildings.

On Fifth Avenue there are many interesting museums, which make the street very attractive for tourists. Here is the Museum of New York City, and many other museums. They are so numerous that the area between 82nd and 104th Street is known as Museum Mile.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, many wealthy industrialists built magnificent houses on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park. Many of these beautiful buildings are now converted into museums, many of which were donated to New York by their owners.

National Academy Museum is located in a beautiful building, which long ago belonged to the great philanthropist Archer Huntington.

Some famous museums are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim Museum.

The Metropolitan Museum is one of the largest museums in the world, where are collected great works of art. At the Guggenheim Museum are collected great works of modern art too.

On Fifth Avenue is located the magnificent St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is located between 50th and 51st street and amazes with its Gothic splendour and attracts millions of tourists from around the world each year.

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