Alnwick Castle in England

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Alnwick Castle is the impressive one of the fundamental history of the English palaces, and remains until today as a priceless heritage of the British Kingdom. This is the second largest inhabited castle in the country, before it ranks only Windsor Castle.

Alnwick is situated next to the title British town, which is located in the English county of Northumberland. Here today the largest collection of Italian masterpieces of art can be examined in this northern part of England. Quite impressive is the collection of premium porcelain, which is displayed in the palace.

Alnwick castle panorama

For the first time, the history books mention of Alnwick back ground in 1096 when Baron Alnwick set the first foundations of the fort. The main idea of construction of the palace was to serve to protect the northern border of the British Empire from Scottish invasion. The Alnwick Castle, dates from the early 11th century and consists of two large buildings.

The main facilities are located in the inner ring surrounding a small courtyard. Buildings that were built along the south wall are related to the central unit through special corridor links. The main entrance of Alnwick is locked between two small observation towers.

Alnwick has long been home to the Duke of Northumberland. Its external and internal images were drastically changed several times over the centuries. In the 16th century, the sixth Earl of Northumberland made an overhaul transformation turning it into a Gothic style, and then in the 19th century most of the rooms and halls had been reshaped in an Italian style under the influence of the Victorian era.

Today the palace gardens of Alnwick are fully restored and renewed by the cascading fountain which was built and howling around it are the perfectly arranged shrubs. Nearly half a million people have visited the park since its opening in 2004 and also the beautiful gardens. Here tourists can learn about the past of Alnwick from the special tours and exhibitions that are organized.

Perhaps the interior of Alnwick will seem familiar because it is used for the background of many Hollywood movies. Here in 1998 "Elizabeth" was shot, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001), " Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2007).

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