Bellevue Palace

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Bellevue Palace

Bellevue Palace in Berlin is one of the seats of the president of Germany. It is the first of his official residence and the second is situated in Villa Hamershmidin Bonn. The next mandatory which should be noted as an essential feature for Bellevue Palace is that it is a typical example of German architecture.

Majestic Bellevue is situated on the northern edge of the Tiergarten park, which spans over the River Spree. It offers beautiful views of the river which helped choose the name of the castle, which literally means "beautiful view". Next to the Palace Bellevue is the Berlin victory column.

The palace Complex of Bellevue was built in 1786 specifically for the Prussian King - Prince Ferdinand, who was the younger brother of King Frederick II. All Bellevue extends over an area of about 50 acres, serving as a summer residence of the prince.

Architect and designer of the Palace Bellevue was Philipp Daniel Boumann. What this building creates is a master that claims to be the first fully neo-classical building in all of Germany.

In fact, the design of the castle is extremely complex. Bellevue is a two storey building, which has a central pediment, together with the ornate Corinthian columns. On the facade of the castle you can see the incarnate sandstone figures depicting agricultural scenes from moments during the hunting and fishing times.

Located inside the castle which is especially impressive is the beautiful White House. This interesting premises was designed back in 1791 by designer Carl Gotthard Langhans. In the 19th century in the White Hall of the Palace Bellevue were held many lavish parties, but today it is mostly used for official receptions of the government.

Since 1786 when Bellevue was built in 1918 the palace functions as a royal residence. After the World War, Bellevue began to be used for many other purposes such as an Ethnological Museum and as a guest house of the Third Reich. In 1945, Bellevue had been seriously damaged as a consequence of World War II.

Five years later, the construction of the castle was renovated and refurbished. From 1957 Bellevue becomes the second residence of the German president. Its headquarters is located in the park behind the main building of Bellevue and is not available for public visits.

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