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Spokane and Spokane Falls

Spokane is a town Situated in Washington State. Spokane is the second largest city within the county of Spokane. The city is located near Spokane River. The population of the city of Spokane is 208, 916 people.

Twelve thousand years ago, on the territory of present-day Spokane lived people who made a living by hunting game and gathering fruits and roots. Gradually, the forest began to decline and the local population had a living mostly from plants and fish.

The name of the city of Spokane is taken from the Spokane Indian tribe, which in local language meant children of the sun. Spokane Tribe believes that teir ancestors had arrived from the Far North. The center of the city is where the Spokane Tribe’s people lived.

In the early nineteenth century Northwest Fur Company sent two trappers in the Rocky Mountains. People from the Spokane tribe were convinced that these two are deities and let them live with them.

In 1810, the geographer David Thompson found that the land is suitable for establishing a trading post and founded the house of the Spokane Northwest Company.

This trading post was the first permanent European settlement on the territory of Washington. Here were sold and traded animal skins for sixteen years.

In the late nineteenth century, on the territory of the inland fields Northwest discovered gold and silver.

In 1881, with the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway Spokane city’s population began to grow significantly.


The city received official city status in 1881. The official nickname of the city of Spokane is the Lilac City, because in the early twentieth century, the city had a huge amount of lilac bushes. Spokane is known as the city that first started celebrating Father's Day.

Sonora Smart Dodd, a respectable woman from Spokane is considered the creator of this holiday that is celebrated in June. She was sixteen years old when her mother died and father had to raise Sonora alone.

Besides taking care of Sonora, he was charged with caring for her five younger brothers, and his farm in eastern Washington. In 1909, Sonora learned about Mother's Day, which is celebrated by the Methodist Church in Spokane. Then she offered to create the equivalent of Mother's Day, to honour her father.

In the following year Sonora persuaded key figures from the city, it is better to create a celebration that pays tribute fathers. Thus, the first Father's Day was celebrated in 1910. Sonora proposed the date as the birthday celebration of her father - the fifth of June, to be commemorated as a day of tribute to all fathers.

Pastors, however, wanted a little more time to be able to make preparations for the first holiday, and so the holiday was declared on the nineteenth June

Spokane is known because in 1974, it hosted the World Expo. It remains the smallest city that has held the World Expo.

Spokane continued to grow during the twenty-first century, in recent years investments worth over three billion dollars have been made. Many historic buildings and sites are restored to the city to give it a new kind of brilliance, along with new buildings.

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