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The Olympic city of Sapporo is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Its northern location and climate make it one of the nicest places in Japan during the winter season. Annually the city is visited by over 14 million people.

Sapporo deserved to be considered one of the best winter sports centers in the world as it is the first Asian city chosen to host the Winter Olympics. This happened in 1972 and since then Sapporo maintained the image of one of the best destinations in the winter.

In Sapporo is located a 90 meter ski slope. The sports facility is part of the ski stadium in the city. The high track is reached by lift, and hence reveals a spacious view of the city.

The city hosts an annual winter festival. Glittering ice pieces created by locals and guests each year attract over 2 million visitors. If you want to become part of the Sapporo snow white fairy, visit it in the period February 7 to 13. The festival has over 60 years of history.

In addition to winter recreation, Sapporo amazes visitors with its production of local beer, which is one of the most popular in Japan. Sapporo beer has been brewed for over 130 years. Among the most popular sparkling drinks is Sapporo Draft and Yebisu draft. Interestingly, in 2006 Canada also began production of the famous Japanese beer.

Sapporo is considered the birthplace of beer in the land of the rising sun. You can learn more about it at the Museum of Beer, located near Odori Station. Admission is free.

Sapporo is one of the "young" cities in Japan. It was established in 1868. The town was established around the construction of a canal in the area. Shortly before its official founding, inhabitants of the plateau were 7. Today, 140 years later, the city has the fifth largest population in Japan with over 1 million and 890, 000 inhabitants.

Young and full of energy, Sapporo is one of the fastest growing cities in Japan. It is the fourth city in the country of the rising sun, which managed in a short time to build an efficient underground transport. Sapporo subway is in operation since 1972.

In economic terms, development in Sapporo is mainly focused on information technology, real estate business and tourism.

Infrastructure and appearance of the city are a combination of traditional Japanese look, combined with American style architecture, with regard to modern administrative and commercial buildings.

Sapporo is a favorite scene of many world-renowned artists. An interesting fact is that it was there in November 1974, legendary opera singer Maria Callas delivers her last big concert.

In Sapporo is the innovative sports stadium Sapporo Dome, where the rank of prestigious forum of FIFA is held.

The city has many parks to stroll and relax. Among the most visited, Odori Park is located in the center of Sapporo. Its territory is used to stage major festivals and other events. Another large park in the city is called Moerenuma. Shiroi Koibito Park is also of interest for tourists. There Sapporo visitors can watch a live cooking traditional show and get themselves involved and bake in several separate workshops.

Among the sights of the city is the Historic Village of Hokkaido, which is actually an outdoor museum depicting the lifestyle and culture of Japan. It is located on the outskirts of Sapporo. The architecture of the buildings dates from the 70s of the 19th century.

Of great interest is the neighborhood Susukino, which offers a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, karaoke clubs, restaurants and gaming halls.

In one of the local restaurants you can try the popular Japanese dishes like noodle soup and other traditional products.

Sapporo is the administrative center of the Hokkaido prefecture.

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