The Romanian city of Timişoara is situated in Timiş and has a population of over 310, 000 people. Timisoara is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Romania. He is first mentioned in writing in the early thirteenth century. Tourists are attracted to the beautiful city because of its amazing architecture and history. The town owes its name to the river Timis, near which it is located. The river flows around the town Bega. Timisoara in translation means fortress on the banks of the river Timis.

Due to the historic Baroque style buildings in Timişoara, it is often compared to the beauty of Vienna. Because of this, the city is often called Little Vienna.

Timisoara Union Square

The most beautiful place in the town is the square Unirii. This is a large square that is surrounded by beautiful buildings. The square has the Orthodox and Catholic church of the city. The Catholic cathedral was designed in the eighteenth century, it pleases the eye with its lavish decorative elements in baroque style and is a vivid example of this style. The Orthodox Church, which was completed in the nineteenth century, attracts tourists with its beautiful decor and unique iconostasis.

On the hill near the town stands the castle of Huniades from the fifteenth century, which introduces visitors to the city with the Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages. After a huge fire in the middle of the nineteenth century, the castle suffered severe damage, which was reimbursed over many years.

Today within the castle is one of the oldest museums of Romania - the museum of the province of Banat. In it can be seen interesting and unconventional pieces of the ethnographic history of the locals.

In the spring, summer and autumn, the city attracts tourists with its famous Rose Park. It charms with endless plantations of roses. Here you can see millions of roses and feel the various flavors.

Timisoara Unirii Square

The city has the most modern shopping center in the country. This is not accidental, since the town is one of the most developed in the country- it became the first European city with electric lighting of streets in the late nineteenth century.

The oldest buildings in the historic center were built in the eighteenth century.

In the early fourteenth century it became the residence of the Hungarian king. In the Middle Ages, Timişoara played the important role of commercial and military center. Over the centuries the town was attacked several times but only twice has been captured - in the 50s of the sixteenth century by the Ottoman army, and in 1716 - by the Austrians. In the late nineteenth century the city underwent rapid industrial development.

An interesting fact is that in Timişoara in 1989 started the anticommunist revolution that conquered all the cities like a chain reaction. Today Timişoara is developed as a modern European city.

At the heart of Timişoara, extends opera square. Among the interesting buildings in Timişoara is the old city wall - a wall built in 1773 of bricks. The National Theatre and the Old Synagogue are places that attract tourists with their architecture. The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is a place that is very beautiful. The Cathedral of St. George is also attractive for visits and photos.

At Victory Square is located the Timişoara Opera House. The Church of the Millennium and the Banat Philharmonic are among the favorite places for lovers of art and religion. Hungarian theater regularly puts on interesting plays here.



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