Mountains in Switzerland

Online guide to the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland. List of all mountains in Switzerland. Tourist information and photos of mountains in Switzerland. Take a look at the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland.
09 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
08 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Mount EigerMount Eiger
01 Jan.
Mount PilatusMount Pilatus
To Mount Pilatus are connected many legends and myths. One of them even gave the name to this natural hill located in Switzerland. Pilatus in the Middle Ages was connected with the legend of Pontius Pilate, who died here...
Aletsch GlacierAletsch Glacier
Aletsch Glacier, or called Great Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps and Europe's largest alpine glacier. Aletsch is the kind of mountain (valley) glacier where a feeding area in ridge mountains and ice to...
The Alps are incredibly beautiful and also is comprehensive mountain area, which in every part has something to offer to its many visitors. One of the leaders of the Swiss Alps is, Mount Jungfrau , which is the highest p...
Matterhorn PeakMatterhorn Peak
Probably many have seen the imposing figure of Matterhorn Peak of the famous brand chocolates, but are not aware that before them is the image of one of the wild and most dangerous peaks on our planet. With is 4478 m of ...