Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus

To Mount Pilatus are connected many legends and myths. One of them even gave the name to this natural hill located in Switzerland. Pilatus in the Middle Ages was connected with the legend of Pontius Pilate, who died here. There's a thesis, however, that the old form of the name was Pileatus, which translates as "coatings with a hat", or rather with snow cap.

Mount Pilatus is extremely beautiful and has long been one of the favorite sights in the area. It is located in the Swiss Alps, close to Lake Lucerne and Lucerne city. In fact, Pilatus was divided between the cantons of Obwalden, Nidwalden and Lucerne, its highest point is within Obwalden, on the border with Nidwalden.

The highest point reaches 2120 m, and the good news is that it can be easily reached. To the top a railway was built, which is considered one of the oldest in Europe.

Typically, visitors climb to the train and go down with one of two gondola, one of which is called the romantic gondola. However, the train operates only in the softer months of the year because during the rest, the snow does not allow its movement.

Toothed rail on Mount Pilatus is the steepest rail route across Europe. During the climbing route from Pilatus Kulm to Alpnachstad however, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of the meadows with alpine flowers and clear streams.

With plenty of luck you may see chamois or rare alpine roses. Over 900 species of plants are "born" in the region of Mount Pilatus, many of them are officially protected.

Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus

If you still prefer to climb on foot, get ready for a lot of effort - the ascent of Pilatus in good weather takes about 5 hours. We can not forget to make a pleasant walk along the route, known as Dragon Path and go through the rock gallery Pilatus Kulm.

During the summer, the peak of Pilatus is easily accessible from the eponymous hotel complex, built on the mountain itself. The walk would be very nice and will take only between 10 and 35 minutes on easy trails.

The first written information about Mount Pilatus dates from the 13th century, but herdsmen lived in these hills long before.

The history of Mount Pilatus, however, begins with the construction of the Gotthard route and the construction of the train. Gradually there began to arrive travelers from around the world and the mountain becomes more popular.

When Richard Wagner reached the highest point of Pilatus in 1859, he was struck by the breathtaking views of Central Switzerland. After him millions of tourists and celebrities learn about beauty and share the Pilatus seen by him. Even Queen Victoria conquered Pilatus, although it was on the back of a horse.



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