Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak on our planet. Its impressive record height reaches 8848 meters. The dimensions of Everest are so huge that when seen from our planet in space, it becomes slightly pear shaped because of the towering Mount Everest .

Everest has three official names, English – Everest, Tibetan – Qomolangma which when translated mean, Mother Goddess of the world, and the Nepali name, Sagarmatha, which mean, high in the heavens.

Mount Everest is located in the Himalaya Mountains, which is the border between Nepal and China.

The very English name comes from the family of the Director of the Indian Service, topographic, Colonel George Everest , who held the post between 1830-1843 year. For the first time a record height of Everest was measured back in 1856.

Then measurements indicate the height of Everest is eight meters less than its actual 8848 meters. Only in 1955 the actual height of Everest was measured. Detection and measurement of Everest in 1852 was with great difficulty, as the authorities of Tibet, China and Nepal prohibit access to the Indian Himalayas topographic Service.

View to Mount Everest

Mount Everest is measured through long-term effort and using theodolites with high magnification. They make it possible to identify points at a distance over 200 km. Mount Everest is measured at a distance of 170 km personally then by director of the Indian Service, topographic, Andrew Waugh.

Measurement results are confirmed by the head of department's Data Radhanath Sikdhar. And Andrew Waugh offers this tip to be called by the name of Everest because of the enormous contributions of Colonel George Everest , who in 1823 to 1843 created the first detailed triangulation network in British India.

For the first time in human history Everest was conquered on May 29th, 1953. Atop the highest mountain the first step was taken by Edmund Percival Hillary, who was a mountaineer from New Zealand. When reaching the highest point of Everest the climbers fly the flags - those of Britain, Nepal, India and the United Nations.

As the highest peak in the world, Everest attracts climbers and mountaineers from all categories. To conquer the top, constantly trying are professionals and ordinary enthusiasts willing to pay the amounts of solid professional mountain guides to carry out their dream.

Mount Everest - Hihgest mountain in the World

Real Everest is not so difficult for conquering the standard route in comparison with eight other giants such as K2 and Nanga Parbat. Risk of life is taken when conquering Everest , also, altitude sickness, bad weather and strong wind.

Statistics for 2007 indicate that the summit takes place at 3679 ascents of 2436 people. This makes climbers a major source of tourism revenue for Nepal, whose government requires further despatches purchase a permit to climb. Such authorization may reach 25, 000 dollars per person.

Tragic statistics show 210 people have lost their lives to Everest . Conditions in the area of death are so severe that most carcasses are left where the person had died. Climbing Mount Everest may be accompanied by unpleasant sights of the dead during the conquering of the top as bodies may be visible or are literally in the middle of the standard route to climb.The main routes to reach the summit of Everest are two - in the southeast and northeast edges.

On 11/04/2010 a 13 year old boy starts trying to conquer the majestic Mount Everest . With his ambitious young mind, Jordan Romeo tries to set the record for youngest person to summit the cherished 8848 meters and failed.



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