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The ancient city of Lixus

The ancient city of Lixus

Lixus is the least preserved in North Africa and the ruins and remains of antiquity are very picturesque.

The ancient city is located north of the seaport of today's Larache in Morocco. It was built on the right bank of the river Loukkos. In antiquity the site was one of the main centers of the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana.

80 meters above the marshes of the river rises Loukkos peak Tchemmich. Hence the distance to the Atlantic Ocean is about 3 km. The place has a developed fishing and fish processing industry, which ultimately prevents the archaeological excavations around the ruins of the Capitol.

This is where the ruins of the ancient city of Lixus are, however still unexplored is the ruins of an important fortified point of the Roman Empire.

The foundations of the settlement Lixus were imposed by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC, in a later expansion it then had its own Carthage.

Even today the ancient ruins of Lixus remain to be examined, but archaeologists have encountered here an amphitheater having a few hundred seats for spectators in this unique archaeological monument. Behind it are the city baths, which have managed to keep in excellent condition. Their fine mosaics are almost intact even though children have been free to play in the area. The reason for this is that Lixus offers free access for everyone because it is guarded and there is no fee.

One of the largest and most beautiful mosaic paintings depicts the sea god, Neptune.

In the center of the ancient settlement Lixus is located the Basilica, which is also in very good condition and is worth considering. From July 1st, 1995 Lixus is listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Many recognize this city as one of the most beautiful in the old Roman Empire not only because of the unique buildings, but also for its beautiful scenery and picturesque cork forests.



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