Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

The capital and largest city of Oklahoma called Oklahoma City. Situated in the heart of the U.S. state, Oklahoma City offers a variety of landscapes, urban culture and charming old-fashioned neighborhoods.

Today the city's landscape is a successful blend of modern energy and nostalgia, ideal for the West to create a place where culture and business thrive.

Numerous renowned festivals, national sporting events, museums, riches and an incredible variety of entertainment options, make Oklahoma City a place where the adventures never stop.

The climate of the city is mild with distinct four seasons. With over 3000 hours sunshine per year, Oklahoma City enables great outdoor experiences. If you are planning to visit the city, you should note that in April and May are likely to be tornadoes. Oklahoma City is notorious for the most dangerous winds reaching 510 kmh.

Oklahoma City National Memorial skyline

The city is bisected by the North Canadian River. It is a 12 - kilometer stretch running through the state capital, which was recently renamed the Oklahoma River. Oklahoma City residents and visitors are greeted with three beautiful lakes - Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser, the north- eastern part of the Lake Stanley Draper, the biggest in the southeastern suburbs. In the water areas of the city visitors can take an unusual water taxi. You can do in the neighborhood Bricktown - which has many places of entertainment, one of which is the Bricktown channels, in which you will find the yellow water taxis. This area is home to one of the sports grounds in Oklahoma City - RedHawks Ballpark, which hosts more than 13, 000 baseball fans.

Another attractive part of town called Western Avenue, where there are many areas for shopping, dining and entertainment. If you want to feel the spirit of the Wild West, visit Stockyards City - the area where buildings are preserved and you can find unique entertainment venues in the Western style. There, you can put on the typical cowboy clothes to try the traditional dishes of the period, and sightsee in the neighborhood.

Other places worth visiting are the Museum of Arts, Science Museum, National Museum of Western Heritage and National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Civic Center Music Hall and the Stage Center for the Performing Arts.

Oklahoma City Capitol

The urban landscape in downtown Oklahoma City is represented by the 136-meter skyscraper, First National Center. The architecture of the building is much like the popular Empire State Building in New York. Bigger than the skyscraper is Chase Tower. The 152 m high tower is considered the highest in Oklahoma City.

One of the most visited places in the city is the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Regrettable occasion of establishing the memorial was the second largest domestic assault (after September 11, 2001) in the U.S., where after blowing up the federal Murrah building in 1995, 100 people died. The monument, which houses The Memorial Museum, was erected at the site of the bombed building in honor of the victims, survivors and all those whose lives have been changed during the ill-fated 1995. Over 3 million people have visited the site since 2000 onwards.

Perhaps the greatest architectural masterpiece of Oklahoma City is the Capitol building in Oklahoma City. It is home to the governors of Oklahoma and the Supreme Court. It is located on Lincoln Avenue. In the building, you can see many works of art.

Oklahoma City was founded in 1889, the story tells of the city when the population literally grew by 10 thousand people in several hours. Oklahoma City was tempting territory for new settlers.

The metropolitan area of Oklahoma City is inhabited by over 1.2 million people. The city is located in a very busy place. Around it pass the main roads to Texas and Mexico. Within only three hours’ drive, you can reach another impressive city - Dallas.



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