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Forbidden City in Beijing

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing is the most majestic and best preserved palace complex in the world and is located in the center of the Chinese capital Beijing. From 800, this is the only city that has today's Republic and the city keeps its history from around 3000.

This unique complex also called, the palace museum is located on 74 hectares of total area in the northern half of Tiananmen Square. It consists of 9999 buildings composing it as an ideal rectangular form. The Forbidden City is surrounded by a protective 10 meter wall, and before it is a deep ditch of 6 meters and from each side of the wall was built a fortified door.

Forbidden City in Beijing

Each corner of the wall has a built in tower. The main color used in the construction of the buildings and roofs of the Forbidden City and the interior is yellow because it is the color of the ruling dynasty.

The Forbidden City served as the imperial palace during the Ming Dynasty and was conditionally divided into several parts.

About 15 km from downtown Beijing, is another impressive palace - summer. It is located in the largest preserved palace and park, as an example of a traditional Chinese garden. It includes impressive buildings, beautiful gardens and works of art from past centuries.

The Summer Palace in the Forbidden City served as a residence for leisure and recreation of the imperial family. The area is riched with approximately 300 hectares of which two thirds of it are water features.

The Forbidden City in China

The Temple of Heaven in the Forbidden City has a total of 270 hectares and was a place where victims are transported to the gods. Built in 1420, its southern part is square, which symbolizes earth and is collated round, as the symbol of heaven.



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