Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

Legend mentions Mount Olympus and completely understandable, because it’s nearly 2920 meters in altitude and is the highest mountain in Greece. It occupies the eastern coast of mainland Greece. As part of an extensive mountain range, reaching south to Turkey and Bulgaria to the north, Olympus extends to the border strip between areas, Thessaly and Macedonia.

The most pleasant time of year when you should visit the natural area is between April and May. The nearest village is Litohoro. You can get to this village easily as there are regular bus routes or trains from the capital Athens, and Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in the country.

Mount Olympus

Recently Litohoro, which lies at the foot of the legendary mountain, offers visitors a visit to the Natural Sciences Museum, which displays photos of this and the highest peak in Greece.

You can also enjoy the mountain trails, walking and hiking. The main part of the exhibition is the mountain flora and fauna of the divine mountain. The town itself is the starting point for climbing the mountain which normally takes 2 days, although experienced mountaineers cope with this challenge for the day. In the mountain route were you can relax and spend the night in a pretty chalet.

The highest peak of Mount Olympus is Mitikas, which in Greek translates to nose. Furthermore, the highest in Greece, it is the second highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. Besides its ancient history, Olympus is notable for its rich flora, considered perhaps one of the richest in Europe.

Furthermore, wild, diverse plant species and several endemic animal representatives occur there. For more than 55 years Olympus and its natural treasures, represents a national park.

In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was home to the god, Olympus. Gaia gave birth there to the Titans, who were so huge that they used the mountain ridges and slopes as thrones. Kronos first settled there as the most powerful titanium, and then the main gods in the Greek pantheon. They lived on top of the palaces of crystal and feed on the life-giving ambrosia.



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