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Banff National Park

Banff National Park - Moraine Lake

Banff National Park is part of the natural heritage sites of UNESCO because of its incredible rock formations, a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

This is the first National Park of Canada, situated in the Rocky Mountains about 130 km from Calgary. These unique natural Heights are located in southwestern Alberta, on the border with British Columbia.

Its name comes from Scottish town Banfšir, which is the birthplace of two of the first directors of the Canadian Pacific railroads. National Park exists as a natural treasure since beore 1885

Lake Louise - Banff National Park

The area of Banff National Park covers about 6641 square kilometers of thick pine forests and grassy meadows. Rock formations here are mainly limestone and shale, which were formed 45-120 million years ago.

Nearly 4 million tourists visit Banff National Park very year, from all over the world. The reserve is open to visitors all year round, but because winter here is long and harsh, most visitors prefer to enjoy the wondrous scenery during the summer months - July and August.

Within the park visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing or boating around the lakes. Here is the longest cave system in the whole of Canada, Called Castlegard, which organizes special tours.

The territory of Banff has seven important historical sites in the country: Lodge House Pass, Abbot Pass Hut, Banff Park Museum and several others. One of the tourist attractions is the Observatory for cosmic rays.

For lovers of water sports, Banff allows you to ride a canoe across the crystal waters of Lake Moraine. While sailing on it you can enjoy the 10 mountain peaks that are around you, reaching a height of 3000 meters above sea level.



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