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Arches national park

Utah - National Park Arches

Arches national park is probably the only place in the world where more than 2 000 naturally occurring arches can be seen in a relatively small area. Arches national park is located next to Moab City, in the eastern part of Utah in the U.S. It is considered one of the greatest landmarks not only in the state, but across North America. Climbing the arches is strictly prohibited, but there are enough other interesting formations such as sand towers on which climbing is permitted.

All natural arches in the Arches national park are formed by rocks of red sandstone under the influence of natural forces - sun, wind, water and ice. Since 1970 some 40 arches have collapsed due to erosion. The entire park extends over an area of 309

The park is part of the Colorado Plateau, which is considered a high mountain desert. Arches was first declared a national monument on April 12, 1929, and on November 12, 1971, it was granted the status of a national park. Annually, tio the park Arches come about 700, 000 to 800, 000 visitors.

Arches National Park, Utah

Entrance to park is north of Moab, about 26 miles south of I-70. In the city itself, which is the largest in the state, tourists can buy mountain bikes. After the entrance of the Arches park, the path leads up a steep rock path with several sharp and jerky turns, and then turns to red desert sand. The most important sights in the park can be examined in detail only if you take a trip down the many short trails that surround the beautiful rock formations.

Entrance to the park costs $10 for 5 people and is valid for approximately 1 week. The price of entry ticket is $ 10 per car or $ 5 for pedestrians and cyclists. Climbing on the rocks is strictly prohibited.

If one is willing to view all the interesting shapes of the Arches park, it will take at least several days. There is simly not enough time to explore the entire park. The best time to visit Arches in spring or autumn, because it is cooler than in summer and does not snow, like in winter.

Arches National Park Panorama

Among the main attractions of Arches national park is the delicate arch, which is a symbol of Utah. It is a single arch, which keeps a delicate balance and that is where it gets its name. It is this natural phenomenon that is presented on number plates and postage stamps in Utah.

The Olympic flame passed through this arch, during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Delicate Arch can be reached by trail from Wolf Ranch, located about 3-4 km from the entrance of the park. The Ranch was built near the creek by early settlers back in 1888

Another landmark of the park Arches is called the Balanced Stone - a giant body, the size of 3 buses, which is in a delicate balance, on a high cliff. Attractive to tourists is also the Double Arch, representing two arches on each other, which took part in the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

Park Arches also houses the largest and longest arch in the world - Landscape Arch. It is very thin and long, reaching 88.5 meters. Other interesting sites in the park are the fiery furnace, Devil's Garden, Black Angel, Towers Court, petrified sand dunes and many more.



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