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Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park Is known for its wild beauty and is almost not affected by human activities and has a natural coastline. Located on the Caribbean coast, about 34 km to Santa Marta, in Columbia. From Taganga village, 85 kilometers separate it from the north. The Colombian town has regular flights from the capital Bogota.

Many believe that the reserve is one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Latin America. The park occupies an area of 300 square kilometers of Caribbean Sea and 1, 200 square kilometers of the coast, which is about 970 meters above sea level.

It is best for tourists to visit this beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and lush tropical vegetation during the dry season because during the rest, there are heavy rains.

Food in Tayrona National Park is much more expensive than elsewhere in Columbia. One meal in the park can cost you nearly $ 30. Main menus are in local seafood. On the beach, there are many places where you can sit to eat and enjoy the tropical paradise.

On the island you can practice hiking or diving. Many visitors here do not fail to see the archaeological site Pueblito (Village), Which is about an hour’s drive from El Cabo. Another route to Tayrona National Park includes a trip to Piedras estuary, which includes passing through beautiful areas and beaches, the Gulf of mussels and the cave in Chengue.

On all the beautiful beaches, hammocks can be rented, which are for spending the night. Clear sea water, where they are and beautiful coral reefs are a challenge for experienced surfers and lovers of scuba diving.

Over 100 different species of mammals and birds live in the Caribbean Reserve Tayrona. Here can be found deer and rare White Eagles.

Local architecture is environmentally friendly structures and eco habitats that complement the charming views of the National Park. Some local restaurants offer great fresh squeezed juices. Try a combination of fruit juice, from the tropical fruit lulo, which is fleshy and yellow combined with passion fruit or banana.



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