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Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is located in the Swedish province of Lapland. The park, which is considered one of the most beautiful Scandinavian parks, is a favorite of climbers and lovers of mountain walks. Climbing sites in the park are not suitable for beginner climbers because they are quite specific and even dangerous.

The park Sarek is a pristine place in northern Sweden, fifty kilometers from the border with Norway. The park covers an area of 197, 000 hectares. This is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Sarek Park is a place where two hundred mountains, alpine peaks and many glaciers are collected. The park does not have places where tourists can sleep. Weather conditions, especially in winter, are very hard.

For avid climbers this is an additional challenge on the way to conquering the beauty of the park. On the way to the tops of the mountains you can see bears, lynx and deer. Sarek National Park has one hundred Glaciers and the six highest peaks in Sweden.

Walks in the park are not for those who just love to walk - no marked paths, huts and facilities, it is suitable for people who know locations of this type. Tourists who arrive in the park must have the necessary equipment and enough food to get through their visiting period, if they think to stay in the park – it usually takes at least a week.

Park Sarek, Lapland

Kungsleden passes through the eastern part of the park. Tourists depart from Kvikkjokk in the Tarra Valley or Saltoluokta –a mountain station, known for its magnificent restaurant. Sarek attracts many tourists from around the world despite the difficulties that await them, as it remains unsurpassed for its pristine alpine vistas that stretch in front of tourists.

Many of the peaks in the park Sarek are difficult, but there are those that can be climbed - these are peak Laddepakte, peak Naite, peak Nammath, peak Skarjatjakka and peak Skierfe. Once conquered, they present tourists with magnificent views.

Sarek Park is located near the Arctic Circle, making it one of the most difficult and wildest mountain areas. The park is known as the last great wilderness of Europe. The park has over two hundred and fifty mountain peaks, and eighty of them have a height above 1800 meters, eight peaks are over 2000 meters high.

In the park there are no settlements, and only a few bridges can be found near key locations in Sarek. Use of vehicles is prohibited, but lovers of hiking and climbers can choose any part of the park to explore and to conquer.

Rivers in the park Sarek are often dangerous, especially after heavy rain. The park Sarek’s tourists are provide for themselves - but here they can feel like they are on another planet, far from any kind of technology, people and voltage. The park Sarek has not got many plants, but animals that inhabit the park are pretty. Here you can see bears, lynx and huge elk. Sarek Park provides a great opportunity for a unique active vacation, but its not for people who have no experience in dealing with severe weather conditions.



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