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Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

The Cathedral of Brasilia is often compared with the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral for the futuristic architecture of both buildings. Liverpool Cathedral is the work of architect Frederick Gibberd, while the designer of the unique Cathedral of Brasilia was Oscar Niemeyer.

Both are architects of architectural masterpieces of art and both cathedrals are characterized by a high tower, which comes from the top of the temple. Cathedral of Brasilia has the secular name Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida and looks as if it is trying to touch the heavens.

Cathedral of Brasilia

The Cathedral of Brasilia is a kind of self- created peak of modernism in ecclesiastical architecture. This snow-white building is a hyperboloid that depicts two hands outstretched to the sky and has no equal anywhere else in the world. There are no two opinions that the Cathedral of Brasilia is among the most impressive sights in all of South America and that is why it welcomes such a huge number of tourists from around the world who come to Brazil to experience one of the most amazing modernist buildings on the planet.

Some define the architectural form of the Cathedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida as resembling an inverted cup with a glass roof open to the sky.

Unlike the Liverpool Cathedral, which is all lined with rigid material, the temple in Brazil allows penetration of the sun almost through the entire height of the structure. Many of the incredible buildings in Brasilia were the work of the innovative architect Oscar Niemeyer.

These masterpieces of modernist architecture are included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The foundations of the Brazilian cathedral were laid on September 12, 1958, the project was completed ten years later. The official inauguration of Brazil's Cathedral was on May 31, 1970.

The larger part of this church in Brazil has a diameter of 70 meters. The construction, which architect Niemeyer creates is based on the hyperboloid revolution in building, where the divisions are asymmetric. The hyperboloid Cathedral of Brasilia is the result of 16 individually mounted concrete columns, each of which weighs about 90 tons. It transforms these columns to form the shape of outstretched hands to the heavens, which are connected by a glass roof. Almost the entire cathedral is lined in glass as glass is impressive with its color combination of blue, brown and white.

At the platform in front of the temple worshipers and visitors are greeted by four bronze statues known as the four evangelists. Each figure is about 3 meters high. The evangelists of the Cathedral of Brasilia were created by the sculptor Dante Croce in 1968. In the interior of the temple, visitors immediately notice three fantastic statues of angels, which are surrounded by steel cables.

The smallest Angel is 2 reaches 22 meters in length and weighs 100 kg. The middle sculpture is 3.40 m long and the weight of it is 200 kg. The largest angel is 4.25 m long, weighing 300 kg. The angelic sculptures are the work of Alfredo Ceschiatti, which was helped by Dante Croce. They become part of the interior of the Cathedral of Brasilia in 1970.



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