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Durham Cathedral


Durham is a small English town in which reigns a refined and relaxed atmosphere. It is located in the northeast, on top of a hilly peninsula, which passes near the bend of the river Wear. This place was a known university center since the 19th century up to now. Emblematic of Durham, is the Roman cathedral, which in 1986 was declared part of the World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO. According to the report of the organization "Durham cathedral is the largest and most perfect monument in Norman architecture throughout England."

The incredible architecture of the city is complemented perfectly by the small cobbled streets and beautiful paths connecting the two historic and architectural masterpieces. The Cathedral itself was built in 1093 and impresses with its spectacular size and decor. This is the first cathedral in Europe, to have a ribbed stone vault.

Durham Cathedral

The are fine arches crossing its front, which are also unique in the UK. Called Galilee, the chapel was erected in 1175, and in it is situated the tomb of Beda the venerable, located in a unique and beautiful wall carvings. The central tower and the west wing were built in the 13th century. In the 15th century flash floods destroy the central building, but immediately afterward, it is restored.

Durham Palace in 1837 was the residence of the prince-bishop of the city, which had the task to quell the passions among the local population. Later use for the building was housing the newly created Central University, and remains so to this day. The huge castle has endured many innovations over the centuries, each ruler here leaving something behind. Interesting for visits is the Norman chapel that has existed since 1080 and remains in excellent condition.

Today Durham cathedral remains the seat of the bishop of Durham. The interior and exterior of the temple were used in Harry Potter. They create the magician's school Hogwarts, and a steeple is digitally added on top of the famous towers. Durham cathedral was used during the filming of the movie Elizabeth in 1998.



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