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Durham, North Carolina

Durham, NC

Durham is a city located on the territory of North Carolina. The city of Durham has a population of about 228 000 people. In the city is located Duke University and the Central University of North Carolina.

On the territory of present-day Durham many years ago lived Indians tribes Eno and Occaneechi, which were associated with the tribes Sioux and Shakori. They were engaged in cultivation of plants and animals and founded the village, which they called Adshusheer. A great Indian trade route was passing through the territory of present-day Durham.

In 1701 the beauty of Durham was described by English explorer John Lawson. In the middle of the eighteenth century Scottish, Irish and English colonists settled in the land that was donated by John Carteret, Duke of Granville. His gift was made by King Charles , which is the person after whom, they have named the state of Carolina.

Before the Civil War large plantations were based here, including plantations Hardscrabble, Cameron and Leigh. In 1860, Stagville Plantation was one of the largest plantations, cultivated in the south.

Plantations have been cultivated by African slaves and the territory of this region also had free African-Americans. Some of them even participated in the revolutionary war. Of these Southerners embraced much of their culture.

Duke University at Durham, North Carolina

Before the railway extended to Durham, it was known only as the eastern part of Orange County. The area was almost entirely agricultural. Gradually, the area grew and this led to the opening of a post office of the United States in 1827.

The location of Durham is the result of the needs of the rail industry in the nineteenth century. Steam locomotives had to stop and make a break to recharge with water and firewood, and it turned out that the new track facility needs a place where to stop along the road between the towns of Raleigh and Hillsborough.

Residents of the central part of present-day Durham believed that the train is a stupid hoax and refused to sell their land for the construction of a landfill. Finally, the depot was built on land donated by Bartlett Durham, in 1849.

In the first two years, the place was known as Durham's Station and it was just another depot for trains. In April 1865 the federal army, commanded by William Sherman lay siege to the nearby city of Raleigh during the American Civil War.

After the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered, negotiations began, that took place about five miles west of Durham Station.

Thousands of soldiers, the troops of the Union and the Confederacy were located in this place. The soldiers learned that Durham is producing a great smoking and chewing tobacco and start sending letters to the city to obtain larger quantities of tobacco.

In the sixties of the twentieth century, through Durham was built a highway, which, unfortunately, destroyed the archaeological records of the area.

The development of Durham began in the seventies of the twentieth century, with the reconstruction of the city center and construction of buildings for many families in the southern part of town. In 1994, a baseball stadium was built for the boys from the Durham Bulls.

In the city regularly sing world famous singers, musical events are held such as jazz and blues festivals, symphony concerts and major exhibitions of works of art are organized.



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