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Walhalla - Hall of Fame

Walhalla - Hall of Fame

Walhalla is a remarkable historic monument in Germany, the German symbol of imperial power. Walhalla is the hall of fame, where they found memorial plaques of tribute to the famous German personalities and the history of Germany.

In literal translation Walhalla means, Palace of fallen soldiers, making reference to the Nordic mythology. Walhalla is actually a mythical place, located in Asgard. This German memorial monument is located in Donaustauf in Germany which is very near to the city of Regensburg.

Walhalla - Hall of Fame

Walhalla stands proudly along the Danube River east of Regensburg and ranks among the most monumental monuments in Germany. As such, they still cherish the Nidervald monument near Rüdesheim am Rhein, the monument to the Battle of Nations in Leipzig, Barbarossa monument, monument Hermannsdenkmal located near Detmold and the victory column in Berlin.

Designed as a, Temple of Fame, Walhalla was built in the years 1842 high above the Danube near the town Regensburg. The project implementation is the architect, Leo von Klentze who takes the orders and money from King Ludwig I of Bavaria. In architectural terms Walhalla boasts classic style. The appearance of the building rather resembles a marble Greek temple as the Parthenon in Athens.

The place for raising the Walhalla itself is chosen by the architect Leo von Klenze. The length of the building is 66.7 m, width – 31.6 m and height - 20 m. The total length of the foundation is 125 meters and the height is 55 m.

Although the first monumental busts of the future complex was ready early in 1807, creating a complete plan of the building itself was slow to come. After the defeat of Napoleon in 1814, however, the projects became possible and one began to consider ideas for the building.

Louis himself was willing Walhalla to be erected among the English landscape gardens of Munich and an English park, but it appears that the site is narrow and non-functional for this purpose.

When Walhalla was finalized, there were 160 people that found the bust of 96 and 64 plaques. At this moment you can see the 128 and 65 plaques that are sculpted in honor of 193 people or groups. Only eleven of them are women.

The Hall of Fame Walhalla is currently undergoing a detailed renovation. For this purpose are allocated 11.35 million euros from authorities in Bavaria, by providing the project completed by 2013.



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