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Ansbach Residence

Ansbach Residence

The Residence Ansbach is a shining palace complex, located in the eponymous German city. Ansbach is the capital of the Administrative Region Middle Franconia. The history of the castle began in the Middle Ages a few centuries later becoming a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Along with residence Ansbach runs a brilliant garden, known as the Court Gardens.

Ansbach palace itself is known as a Baroque Margrave Residence Palace. The complex is associated mainly with family Hohenzollern, who ruled as kings of Prussia and emperors of the German Empire.

Everything around the palace began in 748 when there was established a Benedictine monastery. In 1331 the property changed ownership, but for the period from 1456 to 1791 year, Ansbach serves as the residence of the House of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

Before Napoleon Bonaparte joined the local territories to Bavaria in 1806, Ansbach for some time was within the boundaries of Prussia. Since then, Ansbach is mentioned primarily as a provincial backwater place.

Residence Ansbach is located in the eastern part of the Old City and its baroque architecture is in sharp contrast with many wooden buildings in the area. Before being turned into the brilliant Baroque complex that visitors see today, the castle went through the stylistic course of Renaissance castles.

Architect of the residence is Gabriel de Gabrieli. He weaves in the construction of the residence 21 large windows and a myriad of exquisite shapes to make it worthy of an emperor.

Today a total of 27 rooms of the residence Ansbach are open for public visits. Some of them are considered the best preserved examples of rococo decor throughout Franconia. During a tour of the complex, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some 50 paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, including works by Rubens and Van Dyck.

In the Gothic hall of Ansbach, we can see a rich and valuable collection of porcelain and earthenware. Today, it holds small celebrations and holidays. The lovely garden and conservatory of Ansbach castle was built back in 1726, it was finally completed in 1743.

Its sides have two streets, the periphery of which is lined by picturesque limes. During the warmer months of the year in the garden of the residence Ansbach, you can see flowers, hedges and shrubs, arranged like by a textbook. The greenhouse, during the summer, does produce lemons, Seville oranges, olives, peanuts, bay trees and strawberries grown in tubs.



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