Castles of the World

Most beautiful castles, fortresses and palaces in the world. Castles of the Roman Empire, Middle Ages and Renaissance. Tourist information on castles around the world - medieval castles and fortresses. List with top castles in the world.
Ansbach ResidenceAnsbach Residence
16 Sept.
Rosi Trifonova
Bückeburg PalaceBückeburg Palace
12 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Stolzenfels CastleStolzenfels Castle
12 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Grassalkovich PalaceGrassalkovich Palace
Grassalkovich Palace is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. This is the residence of the President of Slovakia, near the Palace of the Archbishop. The building was built in 1760 for the needs of the Hungarian aristocrat ...
Monterrey CastleMonterrey Castle
Monterrey Castle is located in [Verin] in the autonomous region of Galicia, Spain. The population of the municipality is 14, 433 people. Verin is a city known for farming. It produces excellent [wine] and there are three...
Aydon CastleAydon Castle
Aydon Castle is one of the best examples of a medieval manor house in England, which has managed to remain almost unchanged throughout its nearly 800-year history. Aydon Castle is beautifully situated amongst woodland in...
Fort TiconderogaFort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga is located near Lake Champlain, which is named in honor of Samuel de Champlain, the first European to set foot in this region of the United States. He arrived in 1609. In 1755 Frenchmen begun construc...
Dumbarton CastleDumbarton Castle
Dumbarton Castle is the oldest in the UK. At present, its history and heritage have no equals among other medieval mansions, houses and palaces as regards to age go. Dumbarton Castle rises above the southern Scottish tow...
Ljubljana CastleLjubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle, also known as Ljubljanski grad is a medieval castle. It is situated in the middle of a hill in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital and is the largest city in the country. The castle has a splendid view over t...
The Castle of PauThe Castle of Pau
The Pau Castle is located in the French town of Pau. The castle is known that in it was born Henry IV, the French and Navarre King. The castle is the biggest landmark. The building was used by Napoleon as a summer reside...
Taranto Aragon CastleTaranto Aragon Castle
Taranto in Italy is a city with a population of over 190 000 people. The main attraction in this city is Taranto Aragon Castle, also known as Castel Sant'Angelo. This is the most photographed building in the city and sur...
Hikone CastleHikone Castle
Hikone Castle is a historical Japanese castle, which impresses with its well preserved architecture. Hikone Castle is located near the city of Kyoto, located in the Shiga Prefecture. Hikone is the so-called palace from t...
Bergh CastleBergh Castle
Bergh Castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in the Netherlands. Its majestic structure seems to have remained intact from those distant dark ages and is located opposite the central part of the town 's-Heerenb...
The Castle of GradaraThe Castle of Gradara
The Castle of Gradara is located in central Italy on the border between Marche and Emiglia Romagna. Not accidentally called the capital of the Middle Ages, Gradara was an important arena of political and courtly intrigue...