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World's castles , Page 2 -  The Castle of Pau

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Pau Castle is located in the French town of Pau. The castle of Pau is known that in it was born Henry IV, the French and Navarre King.
World's castles , Page 2 -  Taranto Aragon Castle

Taranto Aragon Castle

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Taranto Aragon Castle is an impressive building designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Taranto Aragon castle is located between Naturno and Plaus, at the foot of the mountain Tramontana.
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World's castles , Page 2 -  Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle

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Hikone Castle is located near the city of Kyoto, located in the Shiga Prefecture. Aka Hikonejo, Hikone castle was completed in 1622 after 20 years of construction.
:Hikone CastleHikone Castle JapanHikone Castle Kyoto
World's castles , Page 2 -  Bergh Castle

Bergh Castle

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Bergh Castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in the Netherlands. Bergh Castle, also known as Huis Bergh castle stands at about 5 km north of the German town of Emmerich.
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World's castles , Page 2 -  The Castle of Gradara

The Castle of Gradara

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Gradara Castle is located in central Italy on the border between Marche and Emiglia Romagna.
:Gradara CastleGradara Castle ItalyGradara Castle history
World's castles , Page 2 -  Castle Eckberg

Castle Eckberg

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Castle Eckberg is the easternmost of the three castles on the Elbe river, in Dresden. 17 rooms of the castle Ekberg are luxuriously and individually furnished with precious antiques and modern conveniences.
:EckbergEckberg CastleEckberg Castle Dresden
World's castles , Page 2 -  Grajal de Campos Castle

Grajal de Campos Castle

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Grajal de Campos Castle is located in Grajal de Campos city, in the province of Leon, Spain. Grajal de Campos Castle was built in a special way - in accordance with the latest techniques of the time.
:Grajal de CamposGrajal de Campos Castle
World's castles , Page 2 -  Samuil’s Fortress

Samuil’s Fortress

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Samuil’s Fortress is one of the most important medieval castles, preserved to this day the Bulgarian lands. Samuil's Fortress stands on a hill on the right bank of the river Strumeshnitsa.
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World's castles , Page 2 -  Thun Castle

Thun Castle

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Thun Castle is a major cultural and historical monument of the eponymous Swiss town of Thun. Thun and it’s medieval castle stand 30 km south of the capital Bern.
:Thun CastleThunThun Castle history
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