Jehangir Mahal

Jehangir Mahal in Orchha, India

Jehangir Mahal is one of the most striking buildings in the historic Indian city of Orchha. This is the city that keeps the grandeur of former Indian rulers, recreated in it is the amazing Taj Mahal and lovely palace complex of Agra. Along with these two world-famous resort ranks Jehangir Palace, also known as Bengali Mahal or in translation - Bengal Palace. It was built as a private palace for the son of Shah Jahan (builder of the [[Taj Mahal) - Jehangir .

Orchha is one of the best preserved medieval towns in India. The remarkable architecture of the village is mostly due to its three royal palaces, which form an open quadrangle - Raj Mahal, Rai and Parvan Mahal Jehangir Mahal. Magnificent Jehangir Mahal with its red facade is a harmonious blend of Indo-Islamic architecture.

The construction of the palace of Jehangir impresses with its hanging balconies, magnificent domes, beautiful sculptures, delicate railings and beautiful decorations. All this demonstrates nobility and greatness. The whole architecture of Jehangir Mahal is an interesting blend of styling, the most typical remain decorative grilles and exquisitely decorated marble facade.

Jehangir Mahal was built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo somewhere in the 17 century, and its elevation should have noted the visit of the emperor himself Jehangir in Orchha. The palace was built on four floors, within the complex are included eight beautiful palaces.

With its complex carvings, subtle decorations, geometric shapes, pictures and historical facts, today Jehangir Mahal is considered one of the largest and most important cultural and historical attractions of Orchha. According to historians, Bir Singh Ju Deo and ruler Jehangir were very good friends, and the palace Jehangir is a confirmation of this claim.

Big round tub to the main entrance of Jehangir Mahal was a wedding gift of Jehangir for his beloved - Nur Jahan. It is believed that while the girl bathed in the beautiful tub, swimming in the water were pink leaves. Simultaneously, the servants poured from above hot water with aroma of roses. Rose fragrance was the favorite palace perfume.



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