Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal Palace in Orcha

The historic Indian town of Orchha, which is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, near Tikamgarh which is near the town of Jhansi, till today have survived three great castles, which are left from the time that Orchha was Orchha capital, one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms in Central India.

Along with the eclectic architecture of the incredibly beautiful Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal located in Orchha is no less impressive. These are the first two surviving castles, with the third palace being Rai Parvan Mahal which is a kind of open quadrangle.

Raj Mahal Palace in Orcha

The magnificent Raj Mahal is located in the right area of the conventional quadrilateral. Every year thousands of visitors from different parts of the world come to Orchha to visit the imposing figure of the palace. Raj Mahal is particularly impressive with its magnificent royal architecture, consisting of graded terraces.

All of Raj Mahal was built on different levels that are associated with retractable tracks, which are proportionally built on all four sides. The whole architectural ensemble of the Raj Mahal was built by towers and domed kiosks.

The construction of Raj Mahal began in 16th century, as ordered by Rudra Pratap Singh. Most of the structure, however, was completed in the 17th century, from Madhukar Shah, which is the successor of Rudra Pratap Singh. Madhukar was a very religious ruler, the predecessor of Bir Singh Ju Deo, ordered the erection of the Jahangir Mahal Palace for his friend.

Spectacular and clean the tidy facade of the Raj Mahal somehow is inferior to the incredibly beautiful interior of the palace. Throughout the premises you can see the extraordinary detailed decorations and colorful murals that imitate various religious scenes.

Particularly impressive is the decoration of small mirrors and murals depicting animalistic moments that can be seen everywhere on the ceilings and walls. It is amazing how it stands in such good condition and how they were able to keep these decorations after more than 300 years of their creation.



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