Orchha is a beautiful medieval village which has preserved its unique architectural masterpieces of regal temples. The city is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh near Tikamgarh near the town Jhansi. Orchha passes along the beautiful river Betwa.

The village was founded in the 16th century by the rulers of Bundela and the castles are preserved as if they were frozen in their original condition when they were built. At that time Orchha was then the capital of one the largest and most powerful kingdoms in Central India.

Raj Mahal in Orchha

Orchha is a little space and can easily be examined with a walk. In the fortified town one enters the bridge, which was built on arches. Beyond the fortress walls of the palace has three - Raj Mahal, Jahangir Mahal and some beautiful temples and historical monuments.

The three open the palace quadrangle formed by Raj Mahal is located on the right side. It was erected in the 17th century by Madhukar Shah. The exterior facade of the castle was cleared and not as impressive as the interior. As you enter the castle you will see fascinating and colorful murals, religious scenes interpreted as unique and ornate details.

Jahangir Mahal, built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo in the 17th century was in honor of visiting Orchha by Emperor Jahangir. The architecture of this castle has an interesting mix, but its exterior design itself is quite impressive.

Jehangir Mahal in Orchha

Quite interesting of the temples here is Raja Ram, who has a remarkable royal architecture and high pointed towers. The temple is unique because this is the only place across India, where Ram was considered to be sovereign.

The medieval town can be reached by train from the ancient historical city of Gwalior. However, the rail service stops at around 15 km of Orchha in Jhansi, so you need to rent a car or Rickshaws (or rickshas). By car the route is about 20 minutes, but with the rickshaw it will take 40 minutes to Gwalior where you can also get to by flight from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It is best to visit the site and the castles of Orchha about autumn or spring. From October to March the weather is nice and not so hot.



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