Amber Fort

Amber Fort

Traveling around the Indian state of Rajasthan, a person goes through some of the most important historical settlements in India. Here at arm's length apart are the cities of Jaipur and Agra. Known as the pink city, Jaipur has retained great monuments like Shish Mahal, Hawa Mahal - palace of winds, amazing water Jal Mahal Palace.

Continue to the ancient Agra, an obligatory stop dead city of Fatehpur Sikri, an unprecedented masterpiece of Indian architecture, the Taj Mahal and the eponymous castle Agra Fort, a monument of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Amber Fort

Fortress-Palace Amber Fort is a priceless jewel in Jaipur, which must be visited. Extremely impressive, Agra Fort is considered one of the most beautiful fortresses in India . Even before the castle can be seen closer, typically for most palaces in Rajasthan, one sees high and strong walls of the fortress bastions and studded with balconies. Amber Fort is situated about 11-13 km from Jaipur, along the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The palace is situated in the village of Amber, which is the capital of the clan Kachhwaha, until they moved to Jaipur in 1727.

Huge walls of the Amber Fort touch Maota Lake, which is another attraction for many tourists. If you're not a tourist group organized, Amber Fort can be reached easily by bus from the city or by taxi. The architecture of the palace, built entirely of white marble and red sandstone, is simply unique.

Basis for the amazing Amber Fort were laid in 1592 by order of Raja Man Singh I. In its present form, however, the castle was completed during the reign of Raja Jai Singh I, as the palace was built in several stages between 1600 and 1727 years.

Though slightly rough facade of appearance, Amber Fort impresses visitors with its numerous and extremely harmonious and peaceful interior decorations. The whole fort is remarkable for its unique combination of two architectural styles that coexist perfectly in the interior decoration.

Hindu and Muslim style is felt throughout the castle. On the walls can be seen intriguing and beautifully painted pictures of hunting scenes. Intricate carvings on the walls and ceilings are one of the highlights of the Amber Fort.

The entire fortress is composed of mainly four separate buildings, surrounded by massive, healthy and long walls. Kali Temple, also known as Shila Devi Temple is famous for its silver ornaments and impressive statues of lions, full of silver.

Diwan-I-Aam is the hall of public audiences, Ganesh Pol takes visitors to the royal chambers. Particularly interesting is the Hall of Victory (Jai Mandir) with its massive mirror panels and decoration.

Most tourists have the opportunity to visit the Amber Fort on an elephant, that will take them to the entrance. Inside it, there are countless interesting rooms, and the patio itself is impressive. Here are shooting several film productions as well.



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