Dnieper River

Dnieper River

Dnieper River is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Its course starts from Russia and west of the capital, Moscow. From there is continues its course in a southerly direction towards Blearus and Ukraine of which after 2200km flows into the Black Sea.

Dnieper River is deep, allowing it to be navigable for almost its entire length. This makes it one of the main arteries for trade deliveries into Eastern Europe. Also the Dnieper has built several large and important dams used to generate hydropower.

Dnieper River

Dnieper springs from Valdai Hills in Northern Russia of the Smolensk region is where the river starts and allows the two rivers to meet a few kilometers before Kiev.

After leaving the Smolensk region Dnieper lies at the south and southeast, then turns to the southwest and empties into the Black Sea a little north-west of Crimea.

115 km of length along the Dnieper serves as a natural border between Belarus and Ukraine. Within Russia, the Dnieper bears its course over 485 km, in Belarus its length is 595 km and the longest in Ukraine at 1095 km.

Etymology of the name Dnieper comes from the ancient Sarmatian language (Sarmatian Dānu). In literal translation Dnieper River means the other side. Unlike the name of the Dniester as that translates as "river". Perhaps the root of the name comes from Persia, but it is assumed that Dnieper is a Greek name.


Dnieper River is one of the symbols of Ukraine, which is initiated by its history, economy and trade. From the main and decisive importance of Dnieper is transport and of the economic situation in Ukraine. Several large-scale hydro and generating hydropower units are built along the river, and all dams are equipped with large gateways, allowing vessels of up to 270 × 18 m to access the port in Kiev.

Except for transportation of goods and commercial uses Dnieper River was turned into a tourist attraction in recent years with the number of passenger cruises on her body constantly increasing in popularity.

One of the interesting facts about the Dnieper River is that is it godmother to several cities along the coast, Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprorudne, Kamianka-Dniprovska. Over the years the river has inspired many musicians, painters and artists.

The founder of the Bulgarian state - Asparuh, finds his death at the thresholds of the Dnieper River. His grave is found on the banks of the Dnieper River, just near the village of Voznesenka located in Ukraine today.



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