Pegnitz river

Pegnitz River in Nuremberg

Pegnitz River outlines the beautiful silhouettes of the old town of Nuremberg. Pegnitz is not a big river - its course is just over 115 km, flows through the German countryside Franconia, in the Bavarian countryside. Among the most beautiful features of the river Pegnitz are numerous birds that inhabit her areas, along the river one may encounter many ducks, gulls and even swans.

Pegnitz stems from its source in the eponymous city in Germany, situated at an altitude of 425 meters. Northwest of Fürth Pegnitts it meets another river - Rednitz of 283 m above sea level and from that moment on the river is known as Regnitz.

In 1909 in Nuremberg the river caused a great flood, after which its course through the city is shorter by four miles. Since 1996 the German state is running a conversion back to the extension of the river Pegnitz between Nuremberg and Fürth. The maximum goal is to focus her bed in it’s natural direction. River Pegnitz is quite small, with many small left and right tributaries.

Cities that are located along the river Pegnitz from the source and have the same name as Pegnitz, Neuhaus on the Pegnitz, Hersbruck, Lauf an der Pegnitz, and Röthenbach an der Pegnitz, Nuremberg and Fürth.

Nuremberg is invariably marked by a stream of Pegnitz that gives this old town a special charisma. Pegnitz runs for 13 km across the city, and above it are built over centuries, beautiful bridges. This example is Renaissance bridge Fleischbrücke, which was built back in 1598 and today remains completely authentic in it’s appearance.

Old town of Nuremberg and Pegnitz River

Another attractive bridge on Pegnitz is Kettensteg, built in 1824. West of Maxbrücke, on the river was built a small dam, which alters the direction of her course

In the eastern part of Nuremberg, the flow of Pegnitz is re-naturalized, and for historical reference is used the old riverbed. Along the flow of Pegnitz in old town can be seen beautiful old arched buildings.

In the city of Fürth, Pegnitz is marked by even more bridges. The village has developed a project Uferstadt, which returns the river back into its old bed. This happened in 2003. Thanks to funding from the European Union, on Pegnitz was built a new one kilometer section with completely renewed infrastructure.



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