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Trocadero Square, Paris

Trocadero Square and the Aifel Tower

Trocadero is a place where the palace Chaillot is, in the French capital Paris. Trocadero is its real name, but it is also known as 11 Novembre Square.

Trocadero hill is also and the Chaillot hill, which is a former village. Trocadero is an island in the Gulf of Cadiz in Spain. During the famous Battle of Trocadero, the front positions were overrun by Frenchmen. Trocadero restored Ferdinand VII to the Spanish throne.

Trocadero Palace was built for the World Expo 1878. It represented a monumental building, 706 meters long, with two towers, built in Moorish style, with elements of Byzantine architecture. The palace has a concert hall with a huge organ. This was the largest organ, installed in a concert hall in France. After a time, it was moved to another location. The building proved to be quite unpopular, although there was a lot of money invested, and its construction, together with improvements lasted over fifty years.

The facade of the building was decorated with twenty-two statues of power, which symbolized the most powerful countries at that time. Trocadero Palace was a place used for many meetings and conferences on the highest level. The building survived until 1937, when in its place was decided to build the palace Chaillot.

Under the building, in the space left by the former underground quarries, was built a large aquarium, where fish of French rivers are collected. It was renovated in 1985 and was closed for repairs to open again in 2006.

The space between the Seine and the palace is occupied by magnificent gardens, designed by Jean-Charles Alphand. In the gardens of the old palace soar two large statues - the rhinoceros and elephant, which were removed during the demolition of the Trocadero Palace and moved after a long storage period in front of the Musée d' Orsay, where they are still today.

Trocadero Square and Chaillot Palace in Paris

Chaillot palace was built for the World Expo in 1937, when the old Trocadero Palace was destroyed, considered not to meet current trends. The new palace was designed by architect Louis-Hippolyte Boileau, Jacques Carlu and Léon Azéma. The new palace, and the old, have two wings that form a broad arch. But unlike the old palace, the two wings are separate buildings and there is no central element that connects them. The architecture of the new building allows you to find a beautiful view from the Trocadero to the Eiffel Tower. The buildings of the two wings of the palace are decorated with quotations from the French poet Paul Valéry, as well as sculptural groups created by Raymond Delamarre, Carlo Sarrabezolles and Alfred Bottiau.

In Chaillot palace are several museums: the museum of man, museum of the fleet, the museum of architecture. Next to Chaillot, the park complex Trocadero is located, which impresses with its beautiful staircase and the largest fountains in all of Paris. Trocadero gardens stretch over an area of 93 930 square meters

One of the photos that have become a symbol of World War II, is a picture of Adolf Hitler, who was shot on the balcony of the palace in 1940 during his visit to the palace Chaillot.

In 1948, at the palace was adopted the Declaration of Human Rights. The palace has a balcony, called Human Rights, which is decorated with gilt figures.



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