Times Square

Times Square NY

Times Square, which today is known for its neon advertising and its incredible architecture, was not always so bright. Times Square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 42nd and 47th street.

Urban development within the Times Square started at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Until then there was a pasture and farmhouse.

But New York was growing, so a developer bought the land and started building in this place houses and hotels. Star moment of Times Square occurs only after a hundred years, when in 1904 one of the buildings became the offices of the newspaper New York Times.

The editor of the newspaper was able to convince the authorities to build the metro station "42nd Street". On April 8, 1904 the square was officially named Times Square. Until then, it was called the difficult to pronounce name Longacre Square.

At that time, to the square came the first neon signs. Times Square quickly became a favourite place for the celebration of various events - from elections to the New Year party. Right there occurs the most popular New Year celebration.

Since it is difficult to put a Christmas tree because of heavy traffic, the Americans have invented something else. On the night of 31 December 1907 on the roof of the Times Square tower was first lit the symbol of the New Year in New York - Times Square Ball.

Times Square in New York

Every year thereafter, with a break only in 1942 and 1943 because of war, the ball declared to the entire city and across America that New Year has arrived. During World War II instead of dropping the ball there was a moment of silence and church bells.

On the festive night, hundreds of thousands of people watch the crystal ball that descends from the top of the flagpole to the roof of a building, not the street itself, as some mistakenly believe.

The ball was replaced by fireworks as a notification to all buildings in New York that New Year has come from 1904 to 1906.

In the history of Times Square are some not so pleasant moments. In 1913 the publisher of the New York Times moved to a larger building. Then came the Great Depression and the area around the square and the square gradually declined and received the reputation of a dangerous place where criminals and representatives of the underworld dwell.

Between the 60s and the nineties of the twentieth century, Times Square was known for adult entertainment that offers entertainment for every taste.

This situation proved unacceptable for women and during the 80s began protests from the inhabitants of New York against sexual slavery in the city center. Finally, measures were taken by the city authorities.

Thanks to authorities, Times Square again became a safe place and a favourite of all Americans and tourists from around the world and place for the best ads in the city.

Today Times Square is a place where some Broadway theatres and prestigious hotels, fine restaurants and music clubs can be found.

Times Square is known worldwide as a symbol of American spirit. There is the museum of wax figures of Madame Tussaud's and the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

One of the symbols in Times Square today is a naked cowboy. This is the street musician Robert John Burck, wearing only a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and jocks that hide behind his guitar to create the illusion of nudity.



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