Perth is the capital of Australian state of Western Australia. Perth is the fourth largest city in the country. In Perth live about 1 697 000 people.

Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling. The city was the political center of the Colony of Swan River.

Perth from Kings Park

The city quickly became the center of business and administration. The city has developed rapidly and became known worldwide as the "city of light" when its citizens covered their houses in lights to honor American astronaut John Glenn, when he passed into Earth's orbit in 1962. The ritual was light when John Glenn again passes over the planet - this time in a space shuttle, in 1998.

Before European colonization of the area where Perth is now located, it was inhabited by people from the tribe Noongar Whadjuk for more than 40, 000 years. These aborigines were subsisting on hunting and gathering fruit. The wetlands of the Swan valley were particularly important not only as a food source, but also spiritually.

The area where Perth is now located, was called Boorloo, by the Aborigines. The Europeans, who first appeared here in 1827, learned the name of the locality.

Perth, Australia

According to the Europeans, however, the region was inhospitable and unsuitable for agriculture, which would be necessary to maintain normal life in a village.

In 1827 the British Army established a base on the south coast of Western Australia in response to rumors that the area will be populated by immigrants from France. Perth is the first major settlement of Europeans in the western part of the continent.

Perth from Swan River

On June 4, 1829 the newly arrived British colonists settled permanently on the continent and this day is celebrated each year as the day of the founding of Western Australia. This day is celebrated as an official holiday on the first Monday of June each year. Captain James Stirling chose the name for the capital Perth. He was elected governor. The town is named after the city of Perth in Scotland.

Fighting between the British and the local population began in 1831, in the end, the British defeated the local natives. Local tribes retreat to the swamps and lakes north of Perth. In 1856 Perth gets its city status.

After a referendum in 1900 Western Australia joined the Federation of Australia. This was the last colony, which joined the Federation.

Perth at night

In 1933 Western Australia voted in a referendum to leave the Australian Federation by obtaining a majority in favor of secession. Respecting the results of the referendum, the new government sent a petition to the United Kingdom for independence, but the request was ignored.

The biggest growth and economic boom in the town of Perth was experienced in the sixties of last century. In and around the city are produced and processed gold, nickel, diamonds, coal, oil and natural gas.



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