World's Most Beautiful Rivers

Online guide to the most beautiful rivers in the world. World rivers, lakes and waterfalls. World Travel Database: World's longest Rivers.
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Rio Grande RiverRio Grande River
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Clinton RiverClinton River
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Waikato RiverWaikato River
Waikato River is the longest and greatest river in New Zealand. It flows through the central North Island and its flow creates amazing natural [attractions] such as [Huka Falls]. The name comes from the Maori language an...
Nishava RiverNishava River
Nishava River is a river flowing through Bulgaria and Serbia. It is a tributary of the Morava River, also known as Bulgarian Morava. Nishava river springs from Kom peak in [Stara Planina]. After the spring, in its upp...
River UskRiver Usk
The legend of King Arthur says that his lands are in Caroline in South Wales, where once there was a Roman fortress and an amphitheater. Centuries ago in this place were found ruins, which are supposed to be remnants of ...
Euphrates RiverEuphrates River
[Tigris] and Euphrates (Euphrates River) outline the social, cultural, historical and general life outlook of many Asian nations. In the past, and today, parts of the two rivers were the main source of livelihood and irr...
Murray RiverMurray River
Murray River is the deepest, the largest and most important Australian river. It runs through the southern part of mainland Australia, and springs from the Australian Alps, which is the common name of the highest mountai...
Struma RiverStruma River
Struma is the largest river in western Bulgaria. It connects the country with Greece. The Greek name of the river is Strimonas. Struma ranks as the fifth longest river in Bulgaria. This river is a natural communicatio...
Azov SeaAzov Sea
Azov Sea is part of the Black Sea and was formed in its northeastern part. The two seas are connected through the Strait of Kerch near Kerch. West of the strait is the Crimean Peninsula, and from the east - Tamanski Peni...
Limmat RiverLimmat River
Among the features that highlight the city appearance and atmosphere of the largest and most expensive city in Switzerland - [Zurich], is the beautiful Limmat River. Along it can be seen many historical and cultural land...
Segura RiverSegura River
Segura River is located in Spain. It rises in the mountains of the province of Jaén Segura and is 325 kilometers long. Segura river passes through many Spanish cities, and then flows into the Mediterranean. The catchment...
Elbe is also known by its Czech name Labe. Elbe is the river basin of the North Sea, which begins in the Czech Republic. Its main course is in Germany. Both names of the river have the same origin. In antiquity, the Gree...
Congo RiverCongo River
Congo River is an African river, which is recognized as the deepest in the world. In some places its depth reaches 230 meters. Its length is over 4300 kilometers, but it is not the longest river in the world. Congo River...