World's Most Beautiful Rivers

Online guide to the most beautiful rivers in the world. World rivers, lakes and waterfalls. World Travel Database: World's longest Rivers.
Nile RiverNile River
16 Nov.
Fjords of NorwayFjords of Norway
26 Oct.
Dnieper RiverDnieper River
01 Aug.
Rhine RiverRhine River1
The Rhine River is the main water artery of Germany and the valley which it forms attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Tourists also go there to enjoy the medieval castles, historic and cultural monument...
Blyde RiverBlyde River
The Blyde River and the picturesque canyon, has formed one of the most picturesque and even dramatic pictures throughout South Africa. Adding to this natural beauty is the background of the majestic hills of the Drakensb...
Seine RiverSeine River1
The Seine River is one of the emblems of France and has a millennial history of the local European territories while complementing the unique atmosphere of the well known and large French [cities]. Seine River runs no...