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Fjords of Norway

Norway Fjords

Two of the most beautiful Fjords in the world are in Western Norway. Besides being impressed with grandiose dimensions and two rock giants Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord are among the longest of the entire planet. They are located about 120 km from each other in the southwestern part of north side of Bergen as they are in a northeast direction.

One of the best known things about Norway are the Fjords, but those two giant specimens are clearly the most popular natural wonders of the country. Naeroyfjord is one of the longest and deepest in the world. Naeroyfjord and its competitor is formed around one million years old glaciers. Over time, they became your way through the mountain heights, forming deep chasms. Near the sea fjords is not as deep as the inner part, because ice near the mainland is thicker.

Fjords reason not to freeze through the long winter months is that the water in them is salty. This is most prominent in giant Geirangerfjord which is 16 km long. The height of the mountain walls is approximately 2000 meters in the beginning.

Many tourists visit this natural area because the sight of the calm waters reflecting the surrounding hills and blue sky is really out of its world. The reason the marine waters are calm and without emotion is that there there are no tides.

For tourists there they can arrange special tours by boat, entering through the back bay. During the trip the water you can see shows you pictures of beautiful natural waterfalls and abandoned buildings on hill slopes, which are reflected in a unique way of sunlight. There some operate small farms, placing goats to graze on the steep slopes.

Fjords of Norway

Naeroyfjord part of Sognefjord which with its 250 km long inland is the longest fjord in Norway. Naeroyfjord itself is considered to be the narrowest in the world. The rock walls rises to 1500 m altitude, and the interference distance between them is less than 250 m.



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