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Gizors Castle - Chateau de Gisors

Gizors Castle - Chateau de Gisors

Gizors Castle and also known as Château de Gisors is a remarkable medieval fortified tower which bear legends of knights and Templars. In fact, the legendary aura around Gizors could be confused with the actual historical facts, which tells of great deeds, which was the palace arena. Gizors Castle dominates the surrounding area of a small hill, which is located along the eponymous French city located in central north country.

Gizors Castle is a massive stone fort, whose history began in the late 11th century. At that time Gizors functions as a key stronghold of the Dukes of Normandy in the 11th and 12th century. The main function of the fort was to protect Anglo-Norman feudal territories of the claims of the French king. In 1196 Gizors Castle however, was captured by the ruler of France, then it lost its significance as an important frontier fort.

Gizors Castle - Chateau de Gisors

The foundations of Gizors Castle were laid in 1095, and then the fortress consisted of fortification, which is locked by the patio. English King Henry I, who in those years was the Duke of Normandy added to the structure of the octagonal castle, a firewall. After 1161 Gizors was mainly reconstructed and the stitched wall was significantly increased and reinforced. In parallel, all the old wooden structures were replaced by stone and each corner of the outer wall was completed with a watchtower.

In the early 13th century after the conquest of the fortress Gizors by French troops, appeared a second fort, which had a cylindrical shape. It was known as a prison tower and was hoisted to the outer wall of the castle. During the Hundred Years' War, Gizors suffered new fortification activities.

Archaeological activities in the castle Gizors found remnants of an old Roman chapel. It is located in the castle itself and revealed statues of Jesus Christ and the apostles. Moreover, in the dungeon of the medieval castle, 40 chests arranged in columns of 10 were also discovered.

Mysterious stories about the disappearance of the chapel of Saint Catherine and everything connected with the mysterious rituals and ceremonies of the Order, make Gizors a charming and mysterious place for tourists. Today Gizors was declared a cultural monument by the French Ministry of Culture.



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