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Chateau de Sully - Sully Castle

Sully Castle

Sully Castle is an incredible place where you can return to the Middle Ages, but at the same time to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a first class hotel and restaurant beside the river Loire.

The castle is known locally as Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire and has become an opulent hotel. The castle is located in the eponymous French municipality, about 130 kilometers from the capital Paris and stands upstream of the river Orleans.

Sully Castle

Around the Chateau der Sully, visitors will be charmed by the picturesque groves of pepper, it is open all year for tourist visits, apart from Christmas and the month of January.

To view the castle you will have to pay an entrance fee of around 5 euro, with concessions for children and students. To glimpse beyond the pointed towers of Sully, however, almost any price is worth it.

The first time a building on Sully Castle is mentioned in historical sources was in 1102. It was found that the place was fortified during the Gallo-Roman times and certainly before 11 century. In August 1218 Philip ordered the construction of cylindrical fort in a southerly direction from the present castle, which the ruins can still be seen.

Guy de La Trémoïlle, who inherited Chateau der Sully built an observatory surrounded by four towers and this massive reconstruction began in 1395.

Chateau de Sully

Petit Chateau is a part of the Sully Castle where the masters lived. It was built in the 16th century to meet the needs of the luxury of the rulers and to provide pleasant accommodation for guests of the palace.

The castle was the home of the Duke de Sully, a minister of Henri IV and called Maximilian von Béthune (1560-1641). Significantly the family made the greatest renovations of the castle. In the 17th century they expanded the park and castle, fortified the walls, in order to protect it against flooding from the river Loire.

The castle remained family owned until 1962. Today it is listed as historical monuments of the French Ministry of Culture. Every June, the castle holds a festival for classical music.

Very interesting for visitors to large and valuable collections of tapestries, which can be seen in the halls. Sully is also impressive with its authentic furnishings from the 17th century and its many portraits and paintings.



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