World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls

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16 Jan.
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Cautley SpoutCautley Spout
16 Jan.
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Latourell FallsLatourell Falls
16 Jan.
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Krimml WaterfallsKrimml Waterfalls
Krimmler Waterfall, or Krimml as the Austrians call it, is considered one of the five highest waterfalls in the world. In Europe, Krimler been voted as the overall winner with its height, but for the huge number of visit...
Silver FallsSilver Falls
Residents of the U.S. state of Oregon have an incredible and valuable natural resource. It goes under the name Silver Falls State Park, where you can see t 10 waterfalls, 5 of which reach heights of over 100 meters. S...
Shoshone FallsShoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls is considered one of the most beautiful on our planet. Shoshone offers a magnificent view, which is formed along the [Snake River], which flows through the northwestern part of the United States. Snake is ...
Tours of Iceland's natural attractions include mandatory lovely waterfalls, which are here many and are among the most beautiful o our planet. Besides the impressive [Dettifoss], very close is the lovely Selfoss Waterfal...
Jog FallsJog Falls
Jog Falls is often called the "bold waterfall", but that would even seem a "mild" definition, if you see yourself in front of the huge falling waters Jog. It is one of the most powerful and largest waterfalls in the worl...
Aber FallsAber Falls
One of the most impressive sights in the mountains of Wales, is Aber Falls. It is a beautiful, huge and impressive waterfall. Aber Falls was formed in the hills at the base of the Carneddau mountain. Aber is in surrounde...
The 118-meter Hengifoss waterfall, located in Iceland was discovered by the adventurer Albert Leichtfried, who branded it as "the most crazy ice formation, of which I have climbed in my life". Hengifoss waterfall is anot...
Albion FallsAlbion Falls
Albion Falls is one of the largest and most fascinating waterfalls that you can see within the scenic area of the Canadian province of Ontario. Albion is a waterfall situated in southern part of the King's Forest Park, A...
Rhine FallsRhine Falls
Rhine Falls is an amazing wonder of nature, which is the largest waterfall in Europe and one of the largest of the entire planet. The extremely beautiful and powerful Rhine Falls is located in Switzerland, close to the v...
Webster FallsWebster Falls
In the naturally beautiful and rich area of Hamilton, which is a protected area in the Canadian state of Ontario, you can see a whole host of incredibly beautiful waterfalls. Along with the famous [Devils Punchbowl], [Te...
Tews FallsTews Falls
In the Canadian province of Ontario, near the port city of Hamilton are several amazing natural wonders that attract thousands of tourists annually from around the world. Arranged a short distance from each other, here y...