Webster Falls

Webster Falls

In the naturally beautiful and rich area of Hamilton, which is a protected area in the Canadian state of Ontario, you can see a whole host of incredibly beautiful waterfalls. Along with the famous Devils Punchbowl, Tews Falls, Albion Falls, and Felker Falls, the Webster waterfall makes a different impression on everyone who comes to enjoying the natural beauty of the Hamilton protected area.

One huge advantage of Webster Falls is its easy accessibility. The wide and beautiful fountain of Webster was formed on one of the main branches of the Spencer Creek, in its merger with the eponymous gorge.

Webster Falls is one of two waterfalls, which are formed in the river gorge. What distinguishes it is its incredibly beautiful water curtain that flows quietly on its rock formations.

Webster Falls, Ontario

With its crest of 24 meters, waterfall Webster's size sets a record in Hamilton. The main waterfall is composed of two separate water drops, which are separated by a short distance between them. The height from which the water falls was measured at 22 meters.

At the bottom of the cascades is located a very small waterfall, several meters high, which is known as Baby Webster. It is located right in the direction of the staircase leading to the base of the big waterfall.

This landmark in Hamilton is named after the Webster family, who bought the waterfall in 1819. Prior to this, the natural formation was known simply as the waterfall of Dr. Hamilton.

Their mansion still exists, far from the main highway in the area, it can be reached only by walking through the protected area.

Webster Falls is situated in the middle of a small green park. Access to it is easier from the parking area. The main route - Bruce Trail, comes down the gorge of the river via the Spencer staircase that leads to the base of a natural phenomenon. If you have the courage, try to go behind the curtain of water to test Webster and feel the rush of adrenaline.



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