Estoril Castle

Estoril Castle

Estoril Castle is a small but very attractive castle in Portugal. It is situated on the coast of the Portuguese town of the same name, which is located near the resort of Sintra. Estoril town itself is part of the municipality of Cascais and quite close to the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

In this part of the Portuguese coast there are several historic towns in the direction from east to west - São Pedro do Estoril, São João do Estoril, Monte Estoril and Santo António do Estoril, which today is known as Estoril.

The town is small but a highly developed recreation area, which has a fishing port. Estoril Castle itself is an integral part of the historical memory of this Portuguese region.

The palace is right on the beach, impressesive with its massive structure of stone blocks. The stretch of beach on the Estoril provides a pleasant view from your left and is dominated by the beautiful castle with its jagged towers. The beach is named Tamariz Beach.

Estoril Castle in Portugal

The coast of Estoril has a rich historical past. On the hill between Estoril and Cascais, a castle was erected in 1917 by Jorge O' Neil. The castle these days has become something of a bosom in the Portuguese musical art.

Its museum is Verdades-Faria Museum. In 1942 the castle was purchased from Estoril by Mantero Belard, who dedicated the whole palace as an arena for artists and musical art.

After the death of this Portuguese cultural figure, the castle was donated to the Board of Cascais and houses a regional history museum. Estoril Castle is also known under the name of Verdades Faria. Currently, at the museum can be seen important and large collections of musical instruments.

Most of them are related to popular music in Portugal, having been collected by Michael Giacometti. Regulary Estoril Castle holds various other exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.



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