Castles in Portugal

Online guide to all castles in Portugal. List of fortifications, medieval castles and palaces in Portugal. Tourist information and photos of castles in Portugal. Take a look at the most beautiful castles in Portugal.
Estoril CastleEstoril Castle
12 Apr.
Sortelha CastleSortelha Castle
03 Feb.
Obidos CastleObidos Castle
31 Dec.
Arraiolos CastleArraiolos Castle
Arraiolos Castle is an attractive medieval castle, located in the central southern part of Portugal, near [Evora]. The castle stands on the bare lofty hill called Monte de San Pedro, which dominates the north of the smal...
Belem TowerBelem Tower
Belem Tower is a symbol of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, and indeed the entire country. This beautiful architectural emblem of the city is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO because of its immense historical importance....
Santa Maria da FeiraSanta Maria da Feira
City of Porto is the ancient capital of Portugal, but ever since has remained as the capital of wine. The city itself, Porto, is built around the River Douro, which for quite a long time has been part of the trade route ...
Loule CastleLoule Castle
Loule Castle is located in the Portuguese town of the same name, which is one of the most popular resorts in that part of the country. The village is situated about 16 km north of Faro. The medieval fortress stands d...
Guimaraes CastleGuimaraes Castle
Guimaraes Castle is considered one of the mythical territory of Portugal. As such it is a popular tourist destination because of its historical fate that connects it with the inevitable emergence and shaping of the Portu...
Almourol CastleAlmourol Castle
Almourol Castle is a massive medieval fortress, situated on a small rocky island of the same name in the middle of the river Tejo in Portugal. The castle is one of the biggest attractions in this part of Central Portugal...
Pena National PalacePena National Palace
Pena National Palace is one of the Seven Wonders in Portugal. This incredible palace is considered the oldest palace of European romanticism and the law may say that it has no equivalent anywhere else in the world. Pe...
Penedono CastlePenedono Castle
Penedono is a small and peaceful town in the west central part of Portugal. Perhaps the most interesting sights that you can see there is the small but very authentic appearance of a medieval castle, Castle Penedono. ...
Braganca CastleBraganca Castle
Braganca Castle or sometimes known as Bragantsa, is located in the northeastern part of Portugal, near Route-OS-Montes, which is one of the most wild and unexplored territory. The Braganca palace is situated in the hi...