Loule Castle

Loule Castle

Loule Castle is located in the Portuguese town of the same name, which is one of the most popular resorts in that part of the country. The village is situated about 16 km north of Faro.

The medieval fortress stands dignified in the province of Algarve. The town is small, but the Loule Castle can easily be accessed by the road from the city market.

Loule Castle is located in the northwest corner of the medieval village of firewalls.

Loule Castle

The year 1249 is the date when we know of the first mention of the fortress Loule. It is believed that it was probably built or reconstructed on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress when D. Paio Peres Correia conquered the city. The city walls date from the so called Almoravid period. Around 1280 D. Dinis ruled in Loule rule and then gave the fortress to the Order of the Knights of Santiago.

During the earthquake in 1755 the castle suffered severe damage. Today the castle represents three guard observation towers, a central tower designed for the interior and massive walls that connect them. All are built of solid gray stone. All these buildings were mainly reconstructed in the 20th century.

Located around the rooms and halls of the castle Loule are the small courtyard, houses, the local archaeological museum and the district library. Daytime access to the three towers of the fortification walls is free. For some parts of the Loule Castle a ticket is required for a small fee of about 1-2 euros. The rooms in the premises of the high buildings, are not accessible inside but, can be viewed through specially built glass doors.

Today the Loule Castle has not kept many of its authentic appearance, but the visit to the preserved parts of the palace is enough to make you feel the medieval atmosphere. The vicinity and the city, also has several ruins of those distant centuries.



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