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Januv Hrad Castle - Johns Castle

Januv Hrad Castle

Januv Hrad Castle is a romantic castle, which rises in the mysterious atmosphere of the incredibly beautiful park glaciers in the Republic. The glaciers are located in the South Moravian region of the Republic, where you can still visit the castle itself. The glaciers enter into the composition of the complex cultural and natural glacier-Valtitse (Lednice-Valtice). Since 1996 it has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Januv Hrad Castle is also known by the name Janohrad. Its romantic architecture, which now resembles a castle in ruins, was erected there in the 19th century. Januv Hrad was used mainly as a hunting lodge and it is hardly difficult to feel the atmosphere of the noisy celebrations, which have risen there for almost every successful hunting of the local aristocrats.

Januv Hrad was elevated among this amazingly beautiful area of southern Bohemia in the early 19th century, the foundations were laid in 1807, and the whole palace was finished three years later - in 1810. The author of the project was architect Joseph Hardmuth. He also built the so-called, Minaret.

Januv Hrad Castle is located only 4 kilometers from the palace’s impressive glaciers. If for some reason you do not want to walk on foot to it, passing through the beautiful park are the carriage horses which take you right to the front of the Castle. Another option is to rent a boat.

Januv Hrad Castle was built in exactly the time, when there was a wave in the architecture of castles, the reminiscent romantic ruins was at its zenith. It was built as a hunting lodge of the family of Liechtenstein. During hunting season the beautifully decorated halls of Januv Hrad are a dissemination of plagues and lavish receptions and banquets.

The nice romantic atmosphere inside the castle Januv Hrad is the reason today why it is a favorite among many newlyweds who choose to celebrate their wedding ceremony in the beautiful halls of the palace.

John Hrad Castle

Romantic Januv Hrad was built on site with a lot of groundwater. That is the reason it is not a huge, beautiful and opulent palace. The normal architectural plan of Januv Hrad was limited to a dominant tower, plus three smaller squares locked between fortified walls, which are actually ballrooms.



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