Bergh Castle

Bergh Castle

Bergh Castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in the Netherlands. Its majestic structure seems to have remained intact from those distant dark ages and is located opposite the central part of the town 's-Heerenberg, which is located on the Dutch-German border, in the Dutch province Gelderland. Bergh Castle, also known as Huis Bergh castle stands at about 5 km north of the German town of Emmerich and about 12 km south of Doetinchem.

Castle Berg was originally owned by the counts van Bergh, hence the name of the mansion. At the end of the gardens of the palace comes the German border. According to historical data, the first construction at the site of today's castle was built around 1100, but today there are evidences of the castle that was built around 1240.

The stone defensive wall of Bergen was erected around 1300, since its construction, the castle has been continuously inhabited, which is a reason for its constant changes. It is believed that around the year 1400 original round tower was removed and replaced by a large oval fort.

Before 1450, other large buildings were built in the complex - the main building and 2 of the 3 towers of Bergen. In the 16th century palace undergoes a major renovation during the reign of Count Willem IV van den Bergh. He had close relations with William the Silent, which was the first leader of the uprising against the Spanish kings in the 17th century. Finally, Count William IV lost ownership of the castle Bergh.

Later, in the mid-century, the palace is in the possession of German nobles Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, whose principal office is Sigmaringen Castle in the southern German state of Baden Württemberg. In 1735 Bergh castle was burned and abandoned.

Bergh Castle - Kasteel Huis Bergh

In 1912 Bergh was bought by wealthy textile merchant JH. van Heek, which subsequently became the owner of Doornenburg Castle, also located in the Dutch province Gelderland.

Van Heek throws much money for the restoration of Bergh. A huge fire in 1939 almost destroyed the palace. Thanks to the active involvement of local residents much of the furniture of Bergh was rescued from the fire. Renovation of the castle began the same year and was completed in 1941 in its original medieval style.

The textile magnate does not spare money for the decoration of Bergh. He buys a lot of valuable items such as coins and paintings by Italian masters, which still adorn the rooms and halls of the castle. Currently Bergh castle is open to the public. Many beautiful images are complemented by an interesting collection of medieval manuscripts.

Huis Bergh Castle is open to the public and entrance ticket costs about 8.5 euros for adults. The hotel complex has a souvenir shop, a medieval workshop, which offers interesting souvenirs and a pleasant cafe where you can relax after a tour of the palace.



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