Castle Eckberg

Eckberg Castle Dresden

The sights of the German city of Dresden are not limited to complex Zwinger, Dresden Royal Palace, the cathedral and the Church of Our Lady and the magnificent Semper Opera, located in the heart of the city. On the outskirts, Dresden has incredibly beautiful places that you should attend as soon as possible. One is along the Elbe in Dresden district Loschwitz.

On the northern slopes of the river valley rise three magnificent palaces – Albrechtsberg, with its terraced gardens, built by the Prussian Prince Albrecht, the beautiful Lingner castle, also known as Villa Stockhausen and a masterpiece of Tudor style architecture, Castle Eckberg.

Eckberg Castle Dresden

Castle Eckberg is the easternmost of the three castles on the Elbe river, in Dresden. Built between 1859 and 1861 on a hill near the mouth of Mordgrundbach stream, the romantic Eckberg was built under the direction of Johann Souchay, which uses the original architectural plans of Christian Friedrich Arnold, a pupil of Gottfried Semper.

Around the castle is designed a beautiful green park, the work of a master gardener Neumann. Final construction of Eckberg were offices facing the street, where there were stables too.

In 1926, Eckberg was purchased by Dr. Ottomar Heinsius von Mayenburg, who with his brother - Professor Georg Heinsius von Mayenburg brings some new changes, mostly neo-Gothic elements, to the interior of the castle and two gardens in the park. In the 80s of last century, the last changes on Eckberg have been made.

Since 1985, the palace began to function as a hotel, which it remains as, to this day. Since 1994, the new owners of Eckberg made it a prime tourist attraction - a four-star conference hotel.

17 rooms of the castle Ekberg are luxuriously and individually furnished with precious antiques and modern conveniences. The bathrooms are marble and reminiscent of traditional Tuscan estates. From the windows one can enjoy magnificent views of the skyline of the Old Town of Dresden and Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz).

The castle was built with Kavaliershaus, which also turned into a hotel. Overnight stays there are around 69 euros for single and 98 for double rooms, while in the castle Eckberg, you will pay 103 euros for single and 152 double rooms.



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